CAS is an industry leading global CCP consultancy. We are committed to providing ash managers and producers with the industry's best and most appropriate service and technology options. We provide technology providers with efficient business development and market adoption pathways. As the leading industry catalyst and facilitator, CAS delivers plans and results to improve operational efficiency, reduce financial and material waste, and significantly improve revenues and profits.

Designing optimal solutions requires comprehensive information, thorough knowledge and applied intelligence. For ash managers and producers, the CCP Audit enables CAS to formulate highest value technology recommendations and introductions by gathering comprehensive information. The CCP Audit is conducted for each target by-product. CAS analyses the technical, commercial and operational goals and capacities of buyers against vetted solutions providers to determine best fit.  

The complete CCP Audit is composed of three distinct sections covering key aspects of a CCP resource:

  1. Material composition
    Understanding the chemistry, mineralogy and other physical properties of the material resource provides the most basic scientific insight into potential product applications. Our testing regime provides a complete picture of the material characteristics, conducted by in-house or partner laboratories under American, European, Chinese or other testing standards and procedures.
  2. Operational parameters
    Collection methods, production and utilisation volumes, logistics and storage infrastructure information provide an operational overview that informs identification and engineering of best fit solutions.
  3. Current utilisation methods
    Understanding the technologies employed and market success of existing utilisation methods provides  a basis for comparison with industry best practices, and provides valuable insight into what works, what doesn't and what can be improved in a specific CCP business operation.