Frequently Asked Questions

We are looking to source raw materials. Can CAS help?
CAS has an experienced team of sourcing professionals that understand the supply and logistics markets related to fly ash, bottom ash, GGBS, FGD gypsum, cenospheres, limestone, cement structural steel and other related construction materials. Whether purchasing FOB or seeking delivered products via container or bulk vessels, CAS and our logistics partners provide timely, reliable, cost-competitive solutions.

Can you help us to identify equipment manufacturers?
If you are seeking specific equipment for grinding, block-making, fabrication, storage or material handling, CAS can provide supplier identification, validation and purchasing services. 

Do you work with competing technologies?
We select best-in-class technologies for particular applications, representing the technology or firm according to the terms of a cooperation agreements. Partnership terms may include limitations or restrictions on recommending or promoting directly competing technologies or firms.

How many technologies do you currently represent?
At any time we actively work with between 3 and 10 distinct technologies. These are typically early stage or newly developed solutions, or technologies that are not yet widely adopted outside of their home markets. We draw upon our strong industry networks to build specific client teams committed to the development, promotion and adoption of the technology providers business. At the same time, we recognize that in many situations mature or ‘commoditised’ technologies may be appropriate. To this end we aim to keep up-to-date on industry best practices and market leading providers of mature solutions.

What are your terms for working with technology providers?
Our services are customized to meet the needs of the technology provider. Engagements may focus on a specific near-term need, or may cover a longer-term partnership arrangement to scale up and commercialize technologies in target markets or globally. We structure engagements to achieve best alignment of interests so that both parties are optimally motivated to drive program success. Service contracts, investment, licensing arrangements and equity partnerships are all possible cooperation structures.

Is there a conflict of interest if you are advising both ash managers and technology providers?
Our service to ash managers or producers is limited to overseeing the CAS Audit. This is a necessary step to ensure that CAS can best target buyers or adopters for our clients, reducing a lot of the guesswork and compressing time to entering meaningful discussions. In most cases, the ash manager or producer will have the CAS Audit conducted by a locally licensed or certified institute or laboratory. While CAS recommendations are sought after and valued by ash managers or producers, there is no further commercial relationship between CAS and the power station. 

Can I have a copy of a CCP Audit or an overview of the audit format?
The CCP Audit is currently owned and used as a proprietary business tool, and the associated data collected from ash producers and managers is maintained under privacy and confidentiality terms. Researchers or not-for-profit organisations with questions about the CCP Audit tool may contact us.