CAS collaborates with best-in-class partners, staying up-to-date and ensuring that we provide the very best recommendations and solutions possible. CAS works closely with industry leading organisations, including:

Technology & Service Providers

CAS continuously monitors existing and emerging materials and equipment solutions and technologies. Our mission is to maintain leading-edge knowledge of new opportunities and best practices.

Technology and service providers are invited to contact CAS to introduce your technologies and learn about ways we can accelerate market adoption of your solutions.


Researchers & Institutes

Relationships with leading researchers and institutes allow CAS to stay at the forefront of early stage research while maintaining up-to-date knowledge and access to the best testing services and technical data available.  

We are interested in hearing from research Institutes, individual researchers and laboratories interested in partnering with CAS to provide testing services, share technical & market data or validate laboratory scale research. 

Certification Bodies

Delivering solutions and executing projects in various markets requires certification, accreditation or support from local governing bodies. CAS operates as a knowledge and service partner to certified organisations, agencies and governments and as a bridge for international companies.